2018 General Election Endorsements


Ballot Questions



Marsy's Law: PLAN Action opposes this on the grounds that it could lead to erosion of due process, making worse our system that is already rife with gross inequities in incarceration for people of color and those who can’t afford an attorney. The conviction of innocent people is a measurable quantity. While some provisions are worth considering, the full omnibus measure is flawed and does not belong in the state Constitution.



Pink/Tampon Tax: PLAN Action supports this in order to help end gender-based discrimination against women. Sales taxes for menstrual products could cost women and other people who menstruate thousands of dollars over the course of their lifetime, since they are categorized as ``luxury items. This is wrong since they are necessary.



Energy Deregulation: PLAN Action opposes this as it will lead to skyrocketing utility rates for families struggling to get by while letting billionaires like Sheldon Adelson off the hook. Placing energy deregulation in the Constitution, which has never been done in any other state ties the hands of policy makers to craft a better solution.



Automatic Voter Registration: PLAN Action supports Question 5 because it creates an automatic voter registration system for eligible Nevadans, which improves the accuracy of our voter rolls, enhances election integrity, and makes it more convenient for Nevadans to have our voice heard on election day.



50% Renewable Portfolio Standard: PLAN Action supports this measure to bring more clean energy to Nevada and help fight climate change. While we’d prefer to see 100% RPS, this is a floor to begin and will motivate our state to do better.




US Senate: Jacky Rosen

US House CD 1: Dina Titus

US House CD 2: Clint Koble

US House CD 3: Susie Lee

US House CD 4: Steven Horsford



Governor: Steve Sisolak

Lieutenant Governor: Kate Marshall

Attorney General: Aaron Ford

Secretary of State: Nelson Araujo

Treasurer: Zach Conine

Controller: Catherine Byrne

State Senate


SD 8: Marilyn Dondero Loop

SD 9: Melanie Scheible

SD 10: Yvanna Cancela

SD 13: Julia Ratti

SD 14: Wendy Boszak

SD 16: Tina Davis-Hersey

SD 20: Julie Pazina

SD 21: James Ohrenschall

Clark County


Clark County Commissioner, District E: Tick Segerblom

Clark County Commissioner, District F: Justin Jones

Clark County Assessor: Briana Johnson

Clark County Clerk: Lynn Goya

Clark County Public Administrator: Robert Telles

Judge, Las Vegas Justice Court, Dept. 1: Elana Lee Graham

Judge, Clark County District Court, Dept. 18: Mark Bailus

CCSD Trustee, District D: Irene Cepeda

CCSD Trustee, District F: Kali Fox Miller

CCSD Trustee, District G: Linda Cavazos

Board of Regents, District 1: Jo Cato

State Supreme Court


State Supreme Court C: Elissa Cadish

State Supreme Court G: Lidia Stiglich

State Assembly


AD 1: Daniele Monroe-Moreno

AD 2: Jennie Sherwood

AD 3: Selena Torres

AD 4: Connie Munk

AD 5: Brittney Miller

AD 6: William McCurdy II

AD 7: Dina Neal

AD 8: Jason Frierson

AD 9: Steve Yeager

AD 10: Chris Brooks

AD 11: Olivia Diaz

AD 12: Susan Martinez

AD 14: Maggie Carlton

AD 15: Howard Watts III

AD 16: Heidi Swank

AD 17: Tyrone Thompson

AD 21: Ozzie Fumo

AD 22: Kristee Watson

AD 24: Sarah Peters

AD 26: June Joseph

AD 27: Teresa Benitez-Thompson

AD 28: Edgar Flores

AD 29: Leslie Cohen

AD 31: Skip Daily

AD 32: Paula Povilaitis

AD 34: Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod

AD 35: Michelle Gorelow

AD 36: Lesia Romanov

AD 37: Shea Backus

AD 39: Patricia Ackerman

AD 40: Autumn Zemke

AD 41: Sandra Juaregi

AD 42: Alexander Assefa

Washoe County


Washoe County Commission, District 2: Steve Wolgast

Washoe County Commission, District 3: Kitty Jung

Washoe County Commission, District 5: Lindsy Judd

Washoe County Public Administrator: Verita Black Prothro

Washoe County Assessor: Chip Evans