2020 Endorsements

Ballot Questions



Question 1, Board of Regents: PLAN Action supports this measure which would remove the constitutional status of the Board of Regents.The ballot question will provide transparency, accountability, and oversight by modernizing the governance structure of Nevada’s System of Higher Education and the Board of Regents.



Question 2, Marriage Equality: PLAN Action supports Question 2, which seeks to amend Nevada’s Constitution to remove gendered and discriminatory language around marriage. Though marriage equality is secured under the law, Nevada’s Constitution does not yet reflect how Nevadan’s currently feel about this issue. Nevada should always protect fundamental civil rights for all people and fight discrimination wherever it exists.



Question 3, Pardons Board: PLAN Action supports this measure to require the State Board of Pardons Commissioners to meet four times per year, allowing petitioners more opportunities to go before the board and reduce the current backlog. In addition, Question 3 will allow board members to submit an issue for consideration, and removes the opportunity for a veto by the Governor by requiring only a majority to vote in favor.



Question 4, Voter Rights: PLAN Action supports adding the state’s declaration of voters’ rights to the Nevada Constitution. We believe that our democracy is most vibrant when as many people are participating as possible. Question 4 protects our system of democracy and guarantees voting rights to registered voters in the state.



Question 6, Renewable Energy Standards: PLAN Action supports this measure, which requires the state reach a 50% Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) by 2030, to ensure more clean energy is brought to Nevada to help fight climate change. This amendment is an essential first step in moving toward 100% RPS.

* There is no Question 5 in 2020, Question 6 retained it’s same name from the 2018 election.




US House CD 1: Dina Titus

US House CD 2: Patricia Ackerman

US House CD 3: Susie Lee

US House CD 4: Steven Horsford

SD 1: Pat Spearman

SD 3: Chris Brooks

SD 4: Dina Neal

SD 5: Kristee Watson

SD 6: Nicole Cannizzaro 

SD 7: Roberta Lange

SD 11: Dallas Harris

SD 15: Wendy Jauregui-Jackins

SD 18: Elizabeth Becker

State Assembly


AD 1: Danielle Monroe-Moreno

AD 2: Radhika “RPK” Kunnel

AD 3: Selena Torres

AD 4: Connie Munk

AD 5: Brittney Miller

AD 6: Shondra Summers-Armstrong

AD 7: Cameron “C.H.” Miller

AD 8: Jason Frierson

AD 9: Steve Yeager

AD 10: Rochelle Nguyen

AD 11: Beatrice Duran

AD 12: Susan Martinez

AD 14: Maggie Carlton

AD 15: Howard Watts III

AD 16: Cecelia Gonzalez

AD 17: Clara “Claire” Thomas

AD 18: Venecia Considine

AD 20: David Orenticher

AD 21: Elaine Marzola

AD 24: Sarah Peters

AD 27: Teresa Benitez-Thompson

AD 28: Edgar Flores

AD 29: Lesley Cohen

AD 30: Natha Anderson

AD 31: Skip Daly

AD 32: Paula Povilaitis

AD 34: Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod

AD 35: Michelle Gorelow

AD 37: Shea Backus

AD 39: Deborah Chang

AD 40: Sena Loyd

AD 41: Sandra Jauregui

AD 42: Alexander Assefa

Nevada System of Higher Education (Regents)


District 3: Swadeep Nigam 



Clark County Commission

District A: Michael Naft

District B: Marilyn Kirkpatrick

District C: Ross Miller

District D: William McCurdy II


Washoe County Commission

District 1: Alexis Hill


Reno City Council

Ward 1: Jenny Brekhus

Ward 3: Rudy Leon

At-Large: Devon Reese


Sparks City Council

Ward 1: Wendy Stolyarov

Ward 3: Quentin Smith


West Wendover Mayor: Daniel Corona

School Board


Clark County School Board

A: Lisa Guzman

B: Jeff Proffitt

C: Tameka Henry

E: Alexis Salt


Washoe County School Board

D: Kurt Thigpen

E: Angie Taylor

G: Craig Wesner



Justice of the Supreme Court, D: Ozzie Fumo


Clark County District Court Judge

Department 1: Bita Yeager

Department 2: Carli Lynn Kierny

Department 3: Monica Trujillo

Department 8: Trevor Atkin

Department 10: Tierra Jones

Department 17: Anna Albertson

Department 18: John Hunt

Department 19: Crystal Eller

Department 20: Eric Johnson

Department 21: Tara Clark Newberry

Department 22: Ben Nadig

Department 23: Jasmin Lilly-Spells

Department 24: Erika Ballou

Department 25: Kathleen Delaney

Department 26: Gloria Sturman

Department 27: Nancy Alf

Department 29: David Lopez-Negrete

Department 31: Joanna Kishner

Department 32: Christy Craig


Clark County District Court Judge Family Division

Department E: Charles Hoskin

Department I: Soonhee “Sunny” Bailey

Department J: Dee Smart Butler

Department P: Sara Dayani

Department S: Vincent Ochoa

Department X: Heidi Almase

Department Z: Romeo Perez


Washoe County District Court Judge

Department 5, Family Court: Cynthia Lu


Justice of the Peace Las Vegas Township

Department 12: Dianna Sullivan


Justice of the Peace North Las Vegas Township

Department 3: Belinda T. Harris