All Rise!

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Well, the President is trying, anyway.

In the last 4 years the Federal Judiciary has moved a bit closer to reflecting the faces of those who come before it seeking justice. With over 3,200 judges in the Federal Court system, it is astonishing how the names of so many of President Obama’s appointees are followed with, “the first…”  The President not only holds the distinction of being the only President in U.S. history to nominate an equal number of women and men for the bench but also leads–by double digits– in the number of minority candidate nominations. This sounds like good news, right?  It would be if President Obama did not also hold so many of the records for opposition party obstruction tactics.

Senate Republicans have blocked more Federal Court nominations under this President than in U.S. history. This President’s nominees who are lucky enough to move through the process have, on average, waited 4 times as long as those nominated under every other President in recent history. A combination of tradition and lack of transparency in the process has allowed Senate Republicans to manipulate the Constitution’s ‘advise and consent’ clause for partisan political gain.

PLAN and ProgressNow NV have launched a new program this year to educate Nevadans about the Federal Courts and appointment process and the impact that a handful of people at any level of the Federal Courts can have on the issues we care about. To find out more about this program or to see about scheduling a presentation, contact Michael Ginsburg at PLAN  or Brian Fadie at ProgressNow NV  702-791-1965