2022 Nevada Endorsements

Early Voting for the Primary Elections in Nevada are

Saturday, May 28 – Friday, June 10


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Whether you’re Black or white, Latino or AAPI, Native or newcomer, voters across the state want the same things: to provide for their families, ensure their children have a bright future and that their family is healthy. Most of us want a state (and country) where we can do more than just get by; we want to thrive in an economy that works for all of us. That’s why when we began our endorsement process, we made sure to put an emphasis on the issues that matter like housing, economic justice and environmental justice. We are proud to endorse these candidates that share #OurVoiceNV for progressive change in Nevada!


We are proud to endorse these candidates that share #OurVoiceNV for progressive change in Nevada!

Jovan Jackson

for North Las Vegas City Council Ward 3


Jovan Jackson is an incredible leader and will bring a community-first perspective to the North Las Vegas City Council. As a leader with Mass Liberation, Jovan used his voice and personal story to fight for rights restoration, and more recently headed to Thacker Pass with PLAN to stand in solidarity with the People of Red Mountain and build bridges between communities that are most impacted by the climate crisis. Jovan will be a champion for affordable housing, mental health support, and more. As a councilman, Jovan will continue to be a leader, mentor, and inspiration.

Cecilia Gonzalez

for Assembly District 16


As a directly impacted person, Cecilia Gonzalez has been a strong advocate for reforming the criminal legal system as an activist and community organizer, before her first term in office. We need lawmakers to be champions, and co-govern with the community, that’s why it’s important to re-elect Cecilia to the State Assembly. In addition to justice, we believe that Cecilia will fight for Nevadans’ right to thrive when it comes to education, women’s health and breaking down systemic racism.

Linda Cavazos

for CCSD Trustee for District G


As we witness school board meetings becoming one of the latest battlegrounds for MAGA voters and conspiracy theorists, too many bad actors have used them for cover to enact their own privatization agenda. That’s why it’s important to re-elect Linda Cavazos to the Clark County School Board. Linda has extensive experience serving the community and working with students. We’ve been proud to work with her for National Voter Registration Day, and gun safety efforts. Linda has also supported youth, and members of the undocumented community seeking mental health services. The school board needs someone with integrity who will not shy from speaking out when other board members lose sight of what’s important for our students: strong public schools. Linda will assure that students, regardless of background, have access to the same opportunities and are listened to and respected so they can achieve their full potential.

Mercedes Krause

for Congressional District 2


Mercedes Krause is an educator, activist and community leader. Years before a bill was drafted in the legislature, Mercedes was teaching PLANistas and community members about the importance of banning racist mascots. She’s supported PLAN’s environmental justice team, and has welcomed PLAN to events hosted by the Indigenous community in Southern Nevada. If elected, Mercedes will be the first Indigenous Congressmember from Nevada. As a member of Congress we believe that Mercedes Krause will be a champion for Black, Indigenous and communities of color by bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the halls of Congress. NV02 is worth fighting for, and with Mercedes on the ballot, we’re excited for what’s possible. 

Howard Watts

for Assembly District 15


Howard Watts III worked previously as PLAN’s field director where he led the efforts to register thousands of voters and led electoral campaigns that centered the voices of women and communities of color. As a PLANista and a legislator, Howard has been one of the most credible voices demanding climate justice, and to ensure that there is racial equity in the state’s response to the climate crisis. In addition, Howard has helped pass bills in the legislature to ban racist mascots and the racist “sun-down” siren in Minden.

Kimi Cole

for Lieutenant Governor


Kimi Cole has been an active member in the community, helping organize in rural communities in Nevada. As a Transwoman, Kimi Cole has advocated for LGBTQ+ issues at the legislature and has been an educator in the community. Kimi has organized and volunteered with PLAN for more than a decade for campaigns that included marriage equality, Trans justice, and voting rights. We believe that Kimi Cole would be an asset to all Nevadans if elected as Lieutenant Governor.

Aaron Ford

for Attorney General


Before he was AG, and even before he was a State Senator, Aaron Ford has supported PLAN campaigns for citizenship, warrant clearing, LGBTQ rights, voting rights, and racial justice. In his position as an elected official, AG Ford has kept his promise to the community to have an open door. Even when we disagree, we feel like we’ve been heard and respected. Aaron Ford has highlighted the importance of common sense reform of the criminal legal system while in office, and has protected our state amidst an abundance of baseless claims of voter fraud, and worked towards justice for the victims of the opioid crisis. While in the state legislature Aaron Ford championed measures for police accountability, criminal justice reform, reproductive health, and voting rights. We are confident that Attorney General Aaron Ford will continue to focus on justice if re-elected. 

Rueben D’Silva

for Assembly District 28


As a teacher, veteran, immigrant and activist, Reuben D’Silva will bring expansive knowledge and experience to his role as an Assemblyman if elected. As our state continues to rank among the worst in education in the US, it is crucial to have teachers in office to help improve schools and create a better tomorrow for this and future generations of students. Rueben has been a partner with PLAN for many years, allowing us to teach his students about mining, voting rights, and immigration. He is a great mentor to many, and his voice and community-centered leadership is needed in Carson City.

Do you want to know who represents you in your district?

Governor & Constitutional Statewide Offices

Lt. Governor: Kimi Cole 

Attorney General: Aaron Ford

Treasurer: Zach Conine

Secretary of State: Cisco Aguilar

State Controller: Ellen Spiegel

State Senate

SD 2: Edgar Flores

SD 8: Marilyn Dondero Loop 

SD 10: Fabian Donate

SD 12: Lisa Guzman

SD 13: Nnedi Stephens

SD 16: Aaron Sims

SD 20: Daniel Patterson

City Council

North Las Vegas Mayor: Pat Spearman

North Las Vegas City Council Ward 3: Jovan Jackson

Henderson City Council Ward 3: Jodi Tyson

Las Vegas City Council Ward 6: Nancy Brune

Reno Mayor: Jenny Brekhus

State Assembly

AD1: Daniele Monroe-Moreno 

AD2: Nick Christensen

AD3: Selena Torres

AD5: Brittney Miller

AD6: Shondra Summers- Armstrong

AD7: C.H. Miller

AD8: Duy Nguyen

AD10: Rochelle Nguyen

AD11: Bea Duran

AD14: Erica Mosca 

AD15: Howard Watts III

AD16: Cecelia Gonzalez

AD18: Venicia Considine

AD20: David Orentlicher

AD21: Elaine Marzola

AD25: Selena La Rue Hatch

AD27: Brian Lee

AD28: Reuben D’Silva

AD29: Lesley Cohen

AD30: Natha Anderson

AD34: Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod

AD35: Michelle Gorelow

AD37: Shea Backus

AD42: Tracy Brown-May

Education: NSHE, Washoe, & Clark County School Board

CCSD Trustee for District D: Brenda Zamora

CCSD Trustee for District F: Danielle Ford

CCSD Trustee for District G: Linda Cavazos

WCSD Trustee for District D: Beth Smith

NSHE District 7: Hieu Le

County Elections

Clark County District Attorney: Ozzie Fumo

Clark County Commissioner District F: Justin Jones

Washoe County Commissioner District 3: Kyle isacksen and Hawah Safa Ahmad

Judicial Races

Clark County District Court Judge, Department 11: Anna Albertson

LV Justice of the Peace, Dept 6: Augusta Massey

LV Justice of the Peace, Dept 7: Max Berkley

LV Justice of the Peace, Dept 10: Cybil Dotson

LV Justice of the Peace, Dept 16: Nadia Wood

NLV Municipal Court, Dept 1: Jonathan MacArthur

NLV Municipal Court, Dept 2: Courtney Ketter

Reno Justice of the Peace, Dept 2: Kendra Bertschy

Reno Municipal Court, Dept 3: Justin Kyle Champagne

Honorable Mentions:

PLANistas undertook a deliberative process to collect and analyze questionnaires, and in some cases interview candidates. While some races were an easy choice, some were a little bit harder to make a decision on because there were so many stellar candidates. We want to elect folks who will fight for policies that improve people’s lives, and be willing to co-govern with the community that elected them. We’re giving an honorable mention to candidates we’ll be glad to support in the general should they make it that far, and we welcome them to the PLANista organizing family to continue to learn more about our organizing programs and how we’re building a more fair and just Nevada that puts people and planet first.

Congressional District 1: Amy Vilela 

NSHE District 6: Karl Catarata 

Assembly District 28: Aaron Bautista 

North Las Vegas Mayor: Robert Taylor

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